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Welcome to Crow Custom Brass

I created Crow Custom Brass to offer people quality horns at a reasonable price!  You would be shocked at the profit margin on music instruments.  To be fair music stores do have large overheads and repair shops they must pay for. On the other hand, I have little to no overhead. Crow Custom Brass is Veteran own business and it is not how I make a living! This is done out of the Joy of playing the Trumpet and helping students get into a good upper-end horn and a reasonable price!  Ok, who is kidding who? It also, this gives old guys like me a shot at a really good high-end horn. 

What is so Custom about Crow Custom Brass?

My horns are medium bore trumpets. I an a Cornet guy but there are times you need a Trumpet.  I wanted to make a trumpet that had more of a Cornet feel and sound.  You will see most of the Trumpets have one if not two Shepherd’s crooks. This makes the tone much warmer but with the medium bore, it still can be bright.  

Larger 5.24-inch 133mm bells. Again this makes the horns warmer but it also makes them really project sound. They are all two-piece bells. I have played one–piece bells and two-piece bells. I can’t tell the difference so why pay for the difference?  Also, the Mt. Vernon Bach Strads, the “holy grail” of collectible trumpets, have two-piece bells.

I put Amado Waterkeys on all of the horns. I just think they are far better.  

Factory Warranty

Yes, a Chinese Trumpet with a One Year Factory Warranty. Any defects in the horn design or build will be corrected by the Factory in China. The customer is responsible for shipping to the Factory and we will handle the shipping back to the customer.  This does not cover the normal wear and tear and the plating.  

Copy or Clone?

I want to address this head on. With my prices, I have had a number of haters. I am not sorry that I am offering quality horns for such low prices.  This is not my source of income and it is a free country.  

We offer two styles of Trumpets Standard and Streamline and the truth of the matter is most of the dealers do the same.  

I would say that 80% of all Trumpets can be placed in the Standard Style Group.   
They all look similar to a ” ____ ” 

Then you have 20% of the Trumpets that look more modern what we call “Streamline”.
They all look similar to a ” ____ ” 

I will let you fill in the blanks. If you are a Trumpet player you know. 

None of our horns are copies or clones. Each is custom to my specs. All designed to give a warmer richer sound.  With a medium bore Trumpet, you can only do so much and we push the limits.  

Short Trumpet history and facts:

The Piston or Valve Trumpet showed up around 1839.  The Trumpet has not changed much over the years. They all have a mouthpiece, lead pipe, tuning slide, valve set block, three valve slides, and the main bell.  The full tubing length is about 1.48 m (4 ft 10 in). There are only so many ways you can bend the tubing to make a trumpet. They are primarily constructed of brass tubing, usually bent twice into a rounded rectangular shape.  There are two basic shapes of horns, The standard, and the more modern streamline design. The differences are the types of materials used and the bore of the tubing. Trumpet builders try to tweak things within the parameters given to try to give their horn an edge. All Trumpets kinda look like other trumpets. Duh!

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