The Adams A4 Double Shepherd’s Crook Trumpet has a large bore (.470) with a gold brass 5.5 inch bell  This trumpet was produced and sold in August/September 2014 at Adams in Ittervoort Netherlands. The valves are like no other horn I have played. They feel very good, Big but fast and this horn you can slide around the notes. It does not hard lock (slot) in if that makes sense to you. Kinda plays like a flugel but sound like a Cornet and can be a responsive as a Trumpet. One heck of a horn!  Gold Brass Like the yellow brass bell this is a very versatile horn – a near perfect blend of warmth and projection.

The gold brass brings a depth to the sound which is very smooth, rich and dark, however, it is still a lively and agile trumpet. It responds quickly and has good projection without getting as brilliant as the yellow brass bell. We find it to be suited to a host of applications: be it in the jazz soloist, the crossover artist, the classical soloist, or someone who is looking for depth to sound while still retaining projection.  The horn does have two small acid bleed marks on the left side of the bell.  They are visible in the photos. It is a cosmetic issue only it does not affect the sound at all. They look like two black dots. Like a small magic marker dots. 

Why am I selling it?
I am selling this for a Crow Custom Brass MC4. With the MC4 I can get the same sound with less effort.  It is all most as dark as the Adams A4 and the Valves are Equal if not a little better.  The MC4 requires much less work to play and it lets you slide around the notes as well.  I thought I would never sell the Adams A4 but I have a new LOVE!  My loss, your gain!  


Adams A4 Double Shepherd’s Crook Trumpet  $2600
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