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BC20 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet

The BC20 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet is close to the BC10 in the fact that it is perfect for High School or College Band.  The Yellow Brass Reverse lead pipe really takes this hour to the next level.  The main purported advantage is that the reverse lead pipe eliminates any air push back at the intersection of the lead pipe and the tuning slide. This may help the player with control over tone and intonation. The longer length of the reverse lead pipe also allows for a more gradual taper, which may also help with tone and intonation.  If you add the large 5.24-inch bell this gives you a totally different horn than the BC10.  Again the Amado Waterkey is just the perfect touch that sets this horn apart from the rest of the pack in this class.  

Here are the Specs
BC20 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet
Standard Design but not a Standard Horn! 
Upgrade with a large 5.24-inch bell
Yellow Brass Reverse lead pipe and body
CuproNickel tuning side
Brass imported from Germany
Valves: Monel Piston
With Upgrade Amado Waterkey
Bore size: 0.459-inch 11.66mm
Bell diameter: 5.24-inch 133mm
Weight  2.06 lbs
Key: Bb

Pricing is Subject to change.  
Import, export and shipping costs

Gold lacquer ————— $612
Nickel plated ————— $635
Matt lacquer ————— $635
Silver plated ————— $675
Black Pearl —————– $675
Antique Gold ————— $700
Gold plated 18 K ——– $725
Brush Gold —————- $745

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