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BC30 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet

The BC30 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet is a special horn.  It is the only horn that keeps the Standard 0.459-inch 11.66mm size bell BUT it is a beautiful Rose Brass Bell.  The Rose Brass Bell warms up the sound without making the bell larger.  We also use the same Rose Brass for the lead pipe.  The plating is only used on the Valves and the Other slides as you do not want to cover up that Beautiful Rose Brass.  This horn can also hold it’s own, on any College or High School campus. Your basic horn frame will be like most of the other horns but the Rose Brass Bell and Amado Waterkey will set you apart for the rest! 

Here are the Specs:
BC30 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet
Standard Design
Upgrade Rose brass bell
Rose brass lead pipe and body
CuproNickel tuning side
Brass imported from Germany
Valves: Monel Piston
With Upgrade Amado Waterkey
Bore size: 0.459-inch 11.66mm
Bell diameter: 4.84-inch 123mm
Weight  2.07 lbs
Key: Bb

Pricing is Subject to change.  
Import, export and shipping costs

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Gold lacquer ————— $595
Nickel plated ————— $658

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850-791-0959 We use the PayPal invoice system for people in the Continental United States. Customers out of the US we used Western Union or bank draft only. Payment before we ship. With our pricing we offer No Warranty and All Sales Are Final. 

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