CS20 Crow Custom Brass C Trumpet

The CS20 Crow Custom Brass C Trumpet is one of the 2 Streamline Designs we carry. It is a step up from the CB10 still a good horn at a good price. Just what you need for that now and them Gig.  It looks like you spent way more than you did.

Here are the Specs
CS20 Crow Custom Brass C Trumpet
Streamline Design
Yellow Brass lead pipe
Brass imported from Germany
Bell dia:125mm
Bore size :11.66mm
Weight  2.03 lbs
Key: C

Pricing  Subject to change.
Import, export and shipping costs

Gold lacquer ——- $1040
Nickel plated —— $1060
Matt lacquer ——- $1060
Vintage ————– $1115
Silver plated —— $1115
Black Pearl ——— $1115
Antique Gold ——- $1150
Gold plated 18 K — $1150
Brush Gold ——— $1175

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