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MC6 “Cole Trumpet” by Crow Custom Brass

This Trumpet is named after Trumpet Prodigy ~ Niccole Meza Ramos  AKA  “Cole Trumpet” @cole.trumpet. “Cole” as she is called,is a up and coming star that we came across on the internet. After watching her play we knew we needed to get a horn in her hands. Cole looked over all of our Trumpets and chose the MC6. We thought it would be to much horn for her. Boy were we wrong. She showed us!  Click on the link below to watch the fist performance just 2 hours after she got the horn and also changed mouthpieces from a 7C to a 5C..   

Click here for Cole’s Performance  You can also check out other videos about Cole on our YouTube channel
Also check out Cole at her Facebook Page and her YouTube Chanel.

The “MC6 Cole Trumpet” is the heavy version of our flagship horn the MC5A.  We took this monster and put on heavy horizontal bracing on the oversize bell and then Install beautiful heavy vertical bracing in the Shepherd’s crook of both the Bell and the reverse Leadpipe.  This does make the MC6 a little darker than the MC5A It is a very FUN horn to play. To me, it feels like it takes more to play this horn but that might just be the extra weight. The darkness of each horn is affected by the plating you choose.   

Here is a video of Cole’s Music Instructor trying out the “MC6 Cole Trumpet”. It is in Spanish and I am trying to get someone to translate but you can tell that he LOVES IT. 

Here are the Specs
MC6 Crow Custom Brass Trumpet
Streamline Body Style
Heavy Weight
Large Shepherd’s crook 5.24-inch bell
Shepherd’s crook reverse lead pipe
Brass imported from Germany
Valves: Monel Piston
Amado Waterkeys
Bore size: 0.459-inch 11.66mm
Bell diameter: 5.24-inch 133mm Shepherd’s crook
Weight  3.01 Lbs
Key: Bb

Pricing is Subject to change.
Import, export and shipping costs

Gold lacquer ——- $1660
Nickel plated —— $1678
Matt lacquer ——- $1678
Vintage ————– $1730
Black Pearl ——— $1730
Silver plated ——–$1730
Antique Gold ——- $1756
Gold plated 18 K — $1756
Brush Gold ——— $1776

Click here to see the different Platings.

Call Dale Crow to place your order.
850-791-0959 We use the PayPal invoice system for people in the Continental United States. Customers out of the US we used Western Union or bank draft only. Payment before we ship. With our pricing we offer No Warranty and All Sales Are Final. 

Here are some links to Niccole Playing the “MC6 Cole Trumpet”.  Take time to her the deep dark sound she gets out of this Monster of a horn!   

All images copyright © Dale C Crow ~ All and Rights Reserved