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Trumpet Plating

We have 6 standard platings that we think are the best for Trumpets. One of our trumpets has the polish Raw Rose Brass Bell and Lead Pipe.  They are just too pretty to cover up! The rest of the horn is plated.  We do offer two more optional platings for people that like to be different.  

What is the difference in the plating other than looks?  What is the sound difference if any?

Well, the main thing is durability upkeep but there is also a difference in sound.  

Gold Lacquer – is on most of the horns that you will see. Most student horns are Gold Lacquer some pro models are as well. The user of there horns does not want the hassle of Silver Plating.

Silver Plated – is the 2nd most common plating. This is found on most upper-end horns. This plating seems to make the horn brighter sounding. Some think it is because it does not have a Lacquer coating over it more than the silver used. The big issue with a silver horn is the spider scratches that you get when you clean the horn, some would say even if you look at the horn!  It seems little scratches appear from nowhere! Fingerprints dull the look of the silver and make the horn look durty.  Then it tarnishes as all silver does. Your horn looks like crap or you clean it when you get it out of the case, during the time you are playing it and when you are putting it back in the case.  I might be overdoing it a little but not by much!  

Black Pearl – This is the newest plating.  The cost is the same at the Silver plating.  The Black Pearl plating is mystifyingly beautiful and if you add the Honey Gold Accents it is over the top!  The black nickel is polished shiny. The sound would be darker than Silver plating.

Nickel Plated – is not used much any longer. It does darken the sound. I had a Conn Connstellation Cornet that was Nickel plated but it had a Lacquer coating over it.  No fingerprints and no upkeep. I loved it.  Our horns Nickel plating does not have a Lacquer coating over it. Nickel does not scratch as easy as silver. You will see fingerprints and it will tarnish so you will need to polish it as you would a silver horn but it will have much less maintenance than silver.   

Matt Lacquer – This is my personal favorite plating.  It darkens the horn you never need to polish it and never do you get Fingerprints all over it!  If you like the look and I do then this is one of the best and plaitings and at the best price!  For me, this gives you the best bang for the bucks!  

Gold Plated 18K – Many upper-end horns has Gold Plating.  Some are 24k and some are 18k. For the 24k the plating is as much as the horn. Gold Plating does darken the horn some but for me not that much.  Again I think it is because it has no Lacquer coating over it. You will need to polish and maintain this finish. 

Brush Gold –  This does darken the sound and you have no worries about fingerprints! The color is a little on the yellow side for me but if you want a Gold horn that you do not need to polish all the like this is your plating!  

Antique Gold –  This is an optional Plating that we do not produce our horns with.  We can get it does if you like this look.  No fingerprints and it will darken the sound.   

Vintage -This is one other optional Plating that we do not produce our horns with.  We can get it does if you like this look.  No fingerprints and it will darken the sound. I guess this is for someone that wants their new horn to look like an old horn.  I did see Wynton Marsalis playing a horn is this type of plating. To each their own.